TSI DP-CALC™ 8710 Micromanometer

TSI, DP-CALC, 8710, MicromanometerThe TSI 8710 DP-CALC™ Micromanometer for industrial hygienists, certification personnel and HVAC professionals measures pressure, temperature, humidity, volume and velocity. Innovative features include an available 16-point velocity matrix, auto zero and low-flow accuracy for fast, reliable measurements. The instruments also feature long battery life, data logging and economical factory service.

Model 8710 features include variable time constant modes, density correction and K factor. It also features automatic calculation on flowrate and automatic conversion between actual and standard velocity readings.

Features And Benefits

•Differential pressure from -1245 to 3735 Pa
•Available 16-point velocity matrix for quick averaged readings per square foot
•Long battery life and fast recharge
•Auto-zeroing technology eliminates manual zero calibrations between readings
•Accuracy even in low range conditions
•Sampling and statistics functions
•Full data logging and included LogDat2 software
•Variable time constant
•Large digital display


•Energy efficiency studies
•Fume hood and biological safety cabinet face velocity spot checking
•HVAC system testing, adjusting and balancing
•Building and system commissioning
•Cleanroom testing


•Carrying case
•Downloading software
•Calibration certificate
•Operation and Service Manual
•AA rechargeable NiMH batteries (4), battery charger and AC adapter
•Pitot probe
•State pressure probes (2)
•LogDat2 downloading software

8710 DP-CALC Micromanometers

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